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So I'm going to link you some of the information I've managed to gather regarding the legitimate danger the islamic community as a whole pose in Europe since you were unconvinced in the past. Many are in German so I apologise in advance. I mainly researched German sources out of concern for my significant other. This took a fucking long time so I hope you will actually take the time to read it.

Here is a list of reputable studies with a short summary for each.

  • Firstly, here is the @XYEinzenfall map of crimes committed by migrants and refugees in 2016.
  • Foreign born individuals in Sweden make up 13.1% of the population but is responsible for 25% of all crime with male immigrants being 4x as likely to commit a violent crime as swedes so are later generations. With the absolute majority of immigrants coming from muslim nations. [2] [3]
  • 26% of crimes are committed by muslims who compose only 9% of the population in Germany. Assault being the most common kind of crime. [4]
  • A breakdown of 2015 migrant crime statistics in Sweden notably 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population. I have to admit I haven’t had the time to go through this one thoroughly but it is fully cited with BRA sources so I’ll list it here anyway. [5]
  • 12% of all British incarcerated rapists are muslim and this was back when they were only 2% of the population. [6]
  • In the Islam on Campus survey in the UK shows that 32% of all muslim students surveyed are willing to kill for their religion while only 2% of non-muslim students said the same. 6% of muslim students support punishment for apostasy which sounds horrific, but even worse is that 50% of these muslims want to kill the person that left the religion as punishment. 11% of muslims had no respect for athiests at all 25% had no respect for gays. 48% think that it is unacceptable for men and women to associate freely.
  • These results are also confirmed in the berlin social science centre study. The berlin social science centre study shows that 58% of all muslims don’t want gay friends. 44% say that jews can’t be trusted. [7] [8] [9]
  • Data from the criminology Institute Lower Saxony finds that Muslims are 1.6x to 2.5x (depending on which category) more likely to commit a crime than their catholic peers. [10]
  • Muslims are very in favour of having sharia law as their national law. You know, the rulebook that inspired the incredibly progressive societies in the middle-east. [11]
  • 2009 study comparing muslim violence in 6 european countries shows that north Africans are 20% of the prison population in France while being 6% of the population overall. [12]
  • This 2007 study found through questionnaire that 24% of British muslims, 35% of French muslims and 13% of German muslims and 27% of spainish muslims, saw some justification for lethal violence against civilian targets in defence of islam. This number climbs to 40% in the case of Egypt and 69% in Nigeria.

Then there is this diagram I sent you last time. Amusingly, east asians like myself are the least likely to commit crimes.

I know you might not consider news articles legitimate even if they don’t offer much in terms of space for doubt considering literally everyone at Koln saw what happened and the data I cited previously. But you would need to believe in a right wing conspiracy to think people made this up after all that you just read.

And despite all of this “Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that refugees had not brought terrorism to Germany”

And why is this happening other than Merkel’s lunacy alone? This is the kind of politician Germany has deciding their policies. How do I know it's this kind of politician? Well, because this decline of the German population is actually happenning and those who made the decisions knew it. Why the decline of a culture in the place where the culture is born is beyond me and it obviously will ruffle feathers hence PEGIDA etc groups.

And if people ignore this and think it’s racist or fascist to be more stringent in vetting a group who commits this many crimes… And these are the only other options. Which is so much worse.

Islam is a danger to western civilisation and everything it holds dear. So yes. I think I am islamophobic and rightfully so.




[4] Data originally from,templateId=raw,property=publicationFile.pdf/pks2014ImkBericht.pdf And Which has since been taken down because of reasons I will discuss later on. I did however, screenshot them before it was taken down.











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