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 +====== linking page ======
 +We are an open-linking network, anybody can link!
 +To link, you need to setup our ircd, OpenStarIRCu,​ maintained by Ellenor.
 +Download for zip: https://​​
 +Unzip it, go to the ircd directory.
 +Make sure flex and libssl-dev is setup: Debian: $ sudo apt-get -y install flex libssl-dev
 +Do: ./configure --prefix=$HOME/​openstar
 +Then do: make all install.
 +Then cd to ~/openstar.
 +Go to lib and copy example-openstar.conf to ircd.conf
 +Modify ircd.conf as much as you want.
 +Then go to ~/​openstar/​bin.
 +Do ./ircd and the ircd will start.
 +The information below is deprecated, but still relevant.
 +We are an open-linking network, meaning anybody can link!
 +To link, you need to setup our ircd, currently u2.10.0.11+openlink1.1+ronsor (beware1.6.3+ronsor)
 +You can get the source at http://​​vr/​ircd.tgz
 +You will also need FreePascal for Linux binaries (only 2.6.2 and 2.6.4 binaries will work): i386 i86-64
 +Install FreePascal binaries and continue...
 +Commands to execute in order to install the ircd:
 +wget -O ircd.tgz http://​​vr/​ircd.tgz # download ircd
 +tar xvzf ircd.tgz # untar ircd archive
 +cd bircd # go to ircd source directory
 +./compile # compile ircd
 +*** Now the IRCd is compiled! ***
 +You most likely want to use sample configs:
 +wget -O ircd.conf http://​​vr/​ircd.conf
 +wget -O bircd.ini http://​​vr/​bircd.ini
 +Once downloaded, you can edit those configs, or make your own.
 +Just make sure you have these two lines in your ircd.conf file (C:lines - connect to server lines):
 +Do ./bircd to start the ircd.
 +Then connect to your irc server, and /oper up. Then do /quote connect marco.* or /quote connect star.*
 +Join #chat. You should see everyone there :) You can ask for op there now too.
 +Need help configuring your ircd? see: http://​
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