#lounge (formerly #cafe) - your place for sane discussion.

This is the page for the main channel on Umbrellix, #lounge.

Ellenor takes photos of things. She's uploaded many of those photos to this website. Here's a selection.

Cottonwood Island Park, Prince George, BC, Canada. Wilkins Regional Park, Miworth, BC, Canada.
Cottonwood Island Park, Prince George, BC, Canada. Wilkins Regional Park, Miworth, BC, Canada.

(Miworth is very near to but not part of Prince George… It's like a 40 minute drive down Otway Rd from the city centre.)

recording of my voice

#lounge on Umbrellix is a small chat channel with an emphasis on drama reduction, helping each other out, and permissive regulations.

As such there are very few rules for users. All are designed to make the user experience better and remove the need for further rules.

  1. Cussing is permitted. This also means that claiming cussing is forbidden is forbidden.
  2. Relay bots are permitted but only to channels with similarly permissive rules.
  3. No disruptive flooding. Non-disruptive corporate shilling is nominally allowed, but may merit a ban if it's all you do.
  4. The ops have the last say. Unless the users leave voluntarily en-masse as a result of op action, that is. Ops should be scared of users, and the users should be unafraid to speak their minds.
  5. Opers in channel may not display power-grabbing behaviours. The administration reserves the right to kick these users.

It is best to be using an IRC client with support for ZNC auto-op, such as anything connected through a ZNC with the autoop module loaded. If you are an op, enabling auto-op for yourself in #cafe is as easy as enabling SASL in your IRC client. It is also advisable to exchange ZNC auto-op details with other ops so that you can op each other even in the case of a services outage.

The channel bot has been abolished and replaced with registration with ChanServ, as the network has services now.

Before applying for op, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be 13 or older
  2. Be registered with the network (if this is the only thing holding you back, and you're already approved, see below on how to get an account)
  3. Know the unique channel security threats that arise from the network topology of Sympachat (open-link)
  4. Be basically competent in your IRC client.
  5. Be of moral character consistent with proper enforcement of #cafe rules.
  6. Have the approval of a consensus of the operators existent (operators may not override this even in emergencies unless a need can be proven after the fact)

To get an account, register with NickServ:

  1. /msg register password email
    1. You'll receive an email asking you to confirm your registration.
    2. Confirm the registration by the direction in the email.

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