#lounge, having fairly few rules, is perhaps unique among IRC channels. To solve the problem of regulating against abuse while making sure most anything goes, we have to draw up a set of liberties.

Users are allowed to be in any other channel, including those that have banned any of the operators (though not to harass said operators.). This directly runs counter to Ronsor's little power-grabs and manipulations.
No channel or network operator may require or forbid actions out of their scope of regulation.
Users must be allowed to express themselves with no restrictions.
If a user has an IRC server, or a channel operator has an IRC server not linked to the IRC network on which #lounge is on, no network or channel operator may, through persuasion or force, cause said IRC server to become part of the IRC network on which #cafe resides, except if they agree with the Umbrellix mission statement and fill out the routing form (presently running directly to Ellenor; in future, there will be a mailing list for routing@).
Users have the right to know why they have been banished, if they have been banished from the channel. Your kick message must not be a cryptic “I'm done with your shit.” It HAS to be, say,
-!- kicked_user kicked from #lounge by Ellenor [flooded the channel, attempted to talk another (admittedly undesirable) user out of voting for trump. when questioned, claimed to have done none of the above and additionally insulted two operators]
(wow, I thought up a big rap sheet there.) If your kick reason will not fit into a kick message, send it afterwards as a channel message (“/notice @h.#lounge about kicked_user, full kick reason”, “/msg #lounge about kicked_user, full kick reason” and “/notice kicked_user [#lounge kickban] full kick reason”)
The above right may not be abrogated except when kicking out massive drone floods where the drone master has already been given their kick reason.
The channel operators have the right to kick, without banning, any user they are angry at. Those users have the right but not the responsibility to rejoin, and have the right not to be kicked by the same op who kicked them for the same reason.

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