1. Freedom of speech, no slander, libel or call to violence. 2. Freedom of association, absolute. 3. Meritocracy and democracy 4. Universal suffrage 5. OpenStar is just a brand for the open linking servers of the network owned by Ronsor. The network is not OpenStar. It has no name. The network will never be named, except as “the network containing OpenStar” 6. Servers not owned by ronsor may brand themselves as “The Wider OpenStar” or any other name. OpenStar is a trademark of Ronsor Internet Relay Chat 2016-2017.

Democracy 1. Parties may form but may not forbid members from voting counter to their caucus. 2. No opered robot may take over a channel unless as requested by a channel's operators, nor may its votes be counted in network sanctioned elections. 3#. Server admins can vote only once, users can vote twice (user over oper power).

3a. If this cannot be assured, it is acceptable to prevent opers from voting or make sure there's a 2:1 non-oper to oper ratio.
3b. Server admins that are juped or K-lined on more than 1/3 of servers linked at the time of the ballot's proclamation may not vote unless more lenient conditions are agreed by voting admins ahead of time.

4. Elections occur every month for President of The Wider OpenStar/IxNet.

4a. Each cluster of servers may elect a Governor seperate from the rest of the net. The other users not on that cluster may not interfere.
4b. Each president will be able to obtain an O-line on a server, if they have not already linked one.
4c. The president can vote up to 3 times, and drop any vote, however may not force anything to be passed.

Server Admins: 1. Ability to retain own branding if desired. 2. Run services provided no conflict with freedoms of users. 3. /kill and ban any users on their server<s> or if serious disruption. 4. Restrict any freedoms awarded here locally, but they will not be added to the round-robin. 5. No raw logging of client connections - this is extremely bad, yet hard to detect, please let us trust you! If you don't have /MAP or /LINKS enabled, we don't trust you. 6. There is no official round robin, however some are provided by network cluster administrators (Ronsor at present). 7. Linking implies agreement to these conditions. Other opers may demand access to your server to check compliance. You are not required to comply, but you may end up jupitered by some opers. ←-no, invasion of right to privacy, but honestly you can understand why, if there's no trust. 8. You may be voted to be delinked or juped if you violate these terms! 9. No global jupes or G:lines, unless required in the interest of network security. 10. You cannot expect anything from other server owners such as O:lines, U:lines, etc. though some will comply out of courtesy if there's mutual trust. 11. SERVER ADMINS CAN USE THE FOLLOWIG IRCUds: Nefarious+Star

- Acts of irc war are only tolerated assuming the other server attacked us directly and has done it more than once (dont ignore the DDOS!) <ronsor> crud, i declare war on that sentence /s <ellenor> tough shit, then I declare war on the entire Ronsor cluster and rebrand back to Umbrellix :P <ronsor> you'd lose 90% of servers. i can make most rules cuz i hub for almost everyone lololol <ellenor> and this is why having a single point of failure is bad. It creates dictatorship. <ellenor> Two can play that game. <ronsor> theres nolsen and dotio <ellenor> geographically where are their servers located - mine's in eastern Canada <ronsor>dotio is in south carolina, the reliable4you one i got is probably in france or uk. one is obvious.. my home GeoIP lookup <nolsen> GeoIP Country Edition: US, United States GeoIP City Edition, Rev 1: US, DE, Delaware, Wilmington, 19880, 39.745998, -75.546600, 504, 302 GeoIP ASNum Edition: IP Address not found GeoIP lookup <imr/dotio> GeoIP Country Edition: US, United States GeoIP City Edition, Rev 1: US, NC, North Carolina, Charlotte, 28202, 35.227100, -80.843201, 517, 704 GeoIP ASNum Edition: OOO MediaSeti GeoIP lookup <home> GeoIP Country Edition: US, United States GeoIP City Edition, Rev 1: US, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, 38.000000, -97.000000, 0, 0 GeoIP ASNum Edition: AS6327 Shaw Communications Inc. GeoIP lookup <R4U> GeoIP Country Edition: FR, France GeoIP City Edition, Rev 1: FR, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, 48.860001, 2.350000, 0, 0 GeoIP ASNum Edition: AS16276 OVH SAS GeoIP lookup <> GeoIP Country Edition: CA, Canada GeoIP City Edition, Rev 1: CA, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, 43.642502, -79.387299, 0, 0 GeoIP ASNum Edition: AS174 Cogent Communications

I propose a network topology for the “Big 4” hubs:

j.n ↔ r4u r4u & j.n ↔ imr/dotio dotio ↔ nolsen- closer home ↔ dotio & r4u home ↔ nolsen (also close) home ↔ /dev/null (blame comcast!) isn't delaware closer to toronto either way

can i create a pastebin with all of the uplink C:lines yes:)

Types of network votes: 1. JUPE vote. 2. GLINE vote.

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