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Copyright on Umbrellix content

This content is covered by copyright under Canadian and probably also US law. Unless otherwise noted, you may reproduce it and amend it for any purpose that isn’t in the nature of profit, including archival, journalism, satire, and other purposes in the best interests of the communities this website forms part of, so long as you credit If you normally place banner ads on your website to cover the cost of hosting, food and other matters, then we explicitly tolerate fair use and fair dealing with our content, and verbatim reproduction of blog/news-format entries in Lightning’s Rambles, Umbrellix Our Rambles, and the Evdonia Gazette may be tolerated on a case-by-case basis, either as fair use, as an unlicenced use in the community interest, or as explicitly licenced - please email us as seen at /contact.html if you’re unsure.

In our opinion, and this does not apply to most websites to be careful, downloading this content to your computer to view it just-in-time or to hold for viewing ahead of time does not constitute making a copy for the purposes of copyright law, and providing a caching proxy to view this content only counts if you make money off of that proxy which you wouldn’t otherwise make if you did not offer Umbrellix web services through your proxy.

These terms are similar to CC-BY-NC, with a derogation that some commercial use is permissible though unlicenced.

Is Umbrellix infringing your copyright?

We may be. If you would like us to stop, or to amend our practice to come into compliance, see our contact us page for more information, or email, mailbox copyright, SMTP only (no QMTP). We prefer to resolve copyright disputes in an amical manner if at all possible. If you disagree that our use of your content constitutes fair use and fair dealing, try to explain it to us. We’re more than happy to remove your content if your copyright or moral right is infringed.

Do you think you are infringing our copyright?

You may be. If you contact us in good faith, we’re willing to advise on whether we believe your use is infringing. We are not a lawyer or a legal practice, and advice of that nature from us does not constitute legal advice, only a rights-holder’s opinion of what she thinks is infringing.