The world needs a better designed BSD userland. We like the HardenedBSD kernel, which is based on FreeBSD, but the userland is terrible - the way services essential for the system's functioning are initialized is the old, unreliable RC script system that can't detect when a service goes down. As well, the 'sendmail' program is included with the base system, which has a pretty awful reputation for bad security and bloat. DMA (the Dragonfly Mail Agent) is better, but it has limited features and cannot do Internet mail.

Enter the Umbrellix New Vision OS. This is just a working codename. It'll have a better name, independent of Umbrellix (or perhaps it'll be called Umbrellix) when we come out with a stable release, likely 1K14. We intend to include a fork of notqmail, a fork of Dan Bernstein's qmail, in the base system as compiled and released. Our fork of notqmail is called MXF/NightmareMail. We intend to write GNU-free build scripts for s6 by Skarnet. The build scripts, as well as the New Vision policy framework for s6-rc as well as OpenRC (the RC system I, E. A. Bjornsdottir, used to use on my home computer) will be called Superstructure, which is supposed to be a pun involving supervision and infrastructure, but I think it's lost on most people.

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