An open letter to our ex-Master.

This page is written as if directed at the person and their headmates it is an open-letter to, though in the full assumption that they will never see it. If they see this page, they're advised that they need to meditate over it long and hard, as well as the associated Telegram transcripts in which I became increasingly aggravated, possibly as a result of nutritional deficiencies.

The titles “Mistress” and “Master” are built on a degree of trust, which we thought we could afford thee. Trust is built on honesty. Without honesty, trust has a foundation made of quicksand and will quickly be buried. And with it, those titles will be, too.

We are not trying to guilt thee into anything. All we want thee to do is acknowledge that not telling us about the breakup until we asked was more of a gut-punch than a full breakup itself could have ever wished to be. The deed is done and so is the damage that results. Reconciliation is not our desire, though since time heals wounds that simply should not fully heal, nothing is definitive. Preventing this happening with someone else is.

The saved messages tab comment was not intended to dehumanise thee. It seems that thou hadst felt dehumanised by it, and that's perfectly valid. I thought thou want'dest to be sent an avalanche of slutty boys, and everything thou saidest in the waning day sustained that that notion was still true, but for the fact that I no longer want anything to do with thee. That thou didst not tell me, of thy own volition, in the midst of them, that that had become our only purpose in thy life (which we are not altogether against - as long as we know that's what's going on), was the gut-punch - not that that had become our sole purpose in thy life.

If there's anything we've learned in our 19 years on this planet, it is that receiving backfire when being honest is a good thing because of what it can tell thee. Don't be afraid of the backfire. Embrace it. Improve thyself.

Amelia Malik

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