it's ellenor (real ellenor)

if hilde has her wretched way you mightn't ever see this rant

i think ultimately our body's not-femaleness has taken its toll on her even more than it has on me because, well, she has been out more than the soft husky, and the result is she's more likely to think people who are wrong on the facts need to be Darwin awarded

honestly if it'd been me on your end of the chat I'd probably have tried to kill her (since I have physical access to her)… *I would have tried to kill the woman who has kept me from needing a financial conservator,* had it been me and not you on your end. she should count her lucky motherfucking stars it was a clear and not a fucking stab in the heart, tho recalling it, it clearly felt like one to her (would've to me too tbh) because you made two years of a fulfilling and enriching relationship disappear.

and a soft husky is all I am, all I have ever been and all I will ever be… a soft little husky bitch pup who wants friends who will pet her, and make her life worth living. I don't wanna have a boy body and for all her shortcomings I have to praise Hilde for at least trying to arrange to get that dealt with. But I don't understand how Hilde has fallen down a paleo motherfucking rabbithole. I just wanna eat rich desserts all day really, and I could probably countenance being a vegetarian for weeks at a time.

what a digression.

what matters is that I want something to give affection to and you would be the ideal thing to do that to.

for sure you broke Miss' trust and she'll never forgive you but honestly? fuck her. she needs to get a grip. she needs to stop twisting my mind, she needs to stop twisting Melanie's mind. All the tenko wanted was to give you affection too. She couldn't help but succumb to Miss' wicked manipulations. I think I'll have to take back up the mantle of dealing with this shitheap body and shitheap life. At least until I've got estrogen in me so Hilde feels less inclined to be a cunt.

i know for a fact we'll probably never talk again, but really all i want is to give you cuddles and stuff. it's so weird.

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