Names, dates, ages, birthdays, descriptions and locations have been changed, genders have been neutralised, and vehicle models and years have been changed to others with the same chassis to protect the undeserving.

Meet Alexis McAlastair. At the time of occurrence, Alexis is 16, and is trying for their restricted full driving license. They've got most of driving down, and in their 90s Ford F150 stepside, can even do mild powerslides. Being a cautious person despite the testosterone coursing through their veins, they don't generally push it unless they have to to achieve the goal. They were a cautious driver, generally staying between 5 under and 3 over the speed limit if the safe speed was above the speed limit.

In a driving and car control lesson in late December, in the instructor's Prius, Alexis decided it'd be fun to put the thing in Maintenance mode. The instructor, Dakota O'Malley, 43, agreed, against their best judgement. It all went well for a while. Then Alexis put their foot down, first on the accelerator, then on the brake. The car, a 2013 Toyota Prius V microvan, started to fishtail. Correcting for it just induced snap oversteer (how?!). Alexis panic braked. Luckily there was a snowbank on the course, and Alexis (driving Dakota's car) ran into that… tail first. Ultimately Alexis left the car after it couldn't be rocked out by Dakota, and shouted to Dakota: “Dako… I'm gonna try to push you out okay?” Dakota responded in the affirmative: “Let's do it, Lexis.” So Alexis pushes, and calls out “Forward!” to get Dakota to push the accelerator pedal.

All told, the damage was probably about US$ 2'000 for a front and rear bumper, given the insane nature of the crash. Alexis grovelled like crazy on the way home, and still panics to this day when they get behind the wheel of a car. “Hope I don't go end over again like I did that time in 2017.”

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