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Copypasta repository

Forewarned is forearmed. This stuff gets weird. Some of it is really old. None of it is presently marked with the date it was written, due to the migration from the wiki.

Source Type Chain Link to text
Facebook Knowledge Reddit /u/Magic_Made_To_Order posting Reddit /r/MtF x /r/science, Reddit /u/Bardfinn comments Don’t hide your bigotry behind science. The world’s too weird for that.
YouTube Trolling 3snowyman on AirForceProud95 video That’s an A-90 Orlyonok
None Original fiction ellenor2000 An agender needy one.
Reddit PM spam a spam from /u/sojatintsillsoontier (?) A reddit porno spam
Reddit Performance art via /u/transparentlove Has anyone really been far even as transgendered to use even do want to look more like a girl? Knowledge Robert Epstein Myth of the Teen Brain
None Original fiction / Spiritual experience ellenor2000 Reynardin the lost fox
Reddit Pedophilia victim story /u/lifeinthisboyseyes Er..