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It was advertising services provided by a non profit specifically for transgender veterans. The url was exactly:

Actual article on website from May 22, 2017- copied and pasted directly from the site. I made no changes or edits. I am not joking:

How transgender deal with coffee

Coffee is a trusted brand by many who shy away from alcohol. The caffeine content in coffee makes it an instant energy booster. Transgender have more energy for they can handle both male and female duties. Coffee has less fat and a good amount of calorie to give them the extra energy to carry out more work.

The moment a transgender consumes coffee, it is absorbed directly into the blood and ignites the production of neurons which help to send signals to the central nervous system for strength. Some cultures tend to discriminate transgender if they lack proper support system they develop low self-esteem and tend to seclude them from the rest. Coffee helps in the production of happiness hormones which boosts their confidence levels hence they have the right positive energy to accommodate all manner of sarcasm and insults.

Coffee makes them walk heads held high and go a step further to pursue their dreams for they have no room for negative energy. What a good personality. With this attitude, they blend well with their peers which help them to improve their social relations.

The low-fat content in coffee makes transgender to maintain a healthy weight hence reduction of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. They come with their own health challenges hindering them from running their errands with ease. In worst cases, they are responsible for cardiac arrest and heart attack. At the same time, they have enough calories that increase their metabolic rate without feeling tired an fatigued.

You have has a hectic day, with meeting and work pressure, at the same time you do not want to get home quickly because of the noise from the children, yet you want to unwind. A visit to a coffee shop to sample different coffee recipes is the best plot for the evening. As the coffee gets absorbed in the body, it relaxes your mind and relieves you of work-relate stress which further makes your mind clear from any thought. What a good way to unwind?

Life challenges and the fast movement in the digital era causes lack of sleep; not when you have a cup of coffee to start your day or to end it. The cognitive development from coffee makes your mind think from a positive perspective, that sense of satisfaction is ideal for transgender who may feel inadequate to fit in their social circles. Deep thought and stress are the major causes of insomnia.

Coffee is a compliment of alcohol. Funny enough, people who love alcohol avoid coffee. The same way alcohol gives them the steam to gain confidence is the same principle of coffee. Although, the difference lies in the long-term effects of the drink. Long consumption of alcohol leads to liver failure. There is no proven record of consumption of coffee, but just like any other drink, it should be drunk in moderation. There are several types of coffee recipes in the market; sample many of them as you look at the effect on your body to get the best that works for you. Is it white coffee or black coffee?

……..yep you just read that..

To be fair when you google ‘trans veterans’ the first result is this: Which seems to be a long standing legitimate organization. But I don’t know why the flyer I was given said ‘Trans Veterans Organization’ and had the url of I’m still baffled to this day.