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The Orlyonok Folly

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3snowyman Youtube [[|Hurricane conditions in FSX]]

At 7:03, that wasn’t an MD80. This angle gives a fantastic view that shows exactly why this is not an MD-80. As you all know, MD stands for missile defense, and therefore on the underwing, there should be pylons capable of holding anti-missile weapons. However, there are no pylons. Also notice the leading edge slats. They are black. An MD-80 never has black slats, as the MD-80’s slats are made out of aluminum. Know what aircraft has black carbon slats? The A-90 Orlyonok. Made out of completely carbon composite, it is one of the lightest aircraft ever made. And it’s 2 jet engines give it the best thrust to weight ratio in any commercial aircraft ever put into production. That’s why it’s able to maintain such a high AOA as depicted at 7:03. The MD-80 could never pull off such a maneuver. Next time, before posting a video, make sure your commentary is factually correct. Thank you Airforceproud95. Have a nice day.