Here on Umbrellix, basically everything is run like a benevolent dictatorship with no organisation and a bloody autocrat at the top of it all. That includes cloak decisions.

Nonetheless, I find it necessary to draw up a table.

Cloak format Who may apply Waiting period How to apply Notes
unaffiliated/$account Anyone Instant /quote hs take unaffiliated/$account Denotes no group affiliation - same semantics as freenode except a group need not be a peer-directed project.
inaffiliee/$account /quote hs take inaffiliee/$account For French-speaking users.
unaffiliated-bot/$account /quote hs take unaffiliated-bot/$account For bots owned by the unaffiliated, or used in an unaffiliated capacity by the affiliated.
$account.users.umbrellix.net /quote hs take $account.users.umbrellix.net “Undernet-pattern” cloak. This has no slashes in it.
$account.utilisateurs.umbrellix.net /quote hs take $account.utilisateurs.umbrellix.net “Undernet-pattern” cloak in French.
$account.bots.umbrellix.net /quote hs take $account.bots.umbrellix.net For bots.
$group/$group-determined-subdivisions/$account Members of $group Instant if the group has set up a standing order for cloaks with Umbrellix, Varies depending on the mental health of the administrators otherwise /quote hs take cloak_you_are_taking if the group has a standing order for cloaks and you are a member of the GroupServ group offered the vhost you are taking, ask in #cafe if cloaks have not been appropriately arranged Groups may apply for a cloak standing order (an /hs offer to the group) by asking in #cafe. It should be granted within 48 hours.
$account.$group-determined-subdivisions.$group-domain Undernet-pattern form of the above.
freeform with one or more slashes, not starting with or with zero slashes not equal to a domain with a valid tld or with a domain ending in .h, Anyone, or domain owner if the domain at the root of the slashpath or that the vhost is of is of a valid TLD and is registered 15 mins to 72 hours, ping an admin in #cafe to accelerate /quote hs request your.desired.invalid.host Invalid TLDs may become valid if longer than one character, so use a TLD with any single character except H, which is used for internal purposes involving Hyperboria.

Additionally, an AUP for cloaks and the people that have to ban their users is required.

  1. Should you believe it to be acceptable to use the TAKEable vhosts to ban evade… guess what? That's the chanop's problem. They should have used an ext-ban/ext-quiet/ext-exempt/ext-invex. But please, for the love of the holy, DO NOT USE CLOAKS TO BAN EVADE. Thanks.
  2. If people do start complaining about your conduct, your group (if you have one) will be contacted and consulted on the matter. Additionally, your cloak may be revoked, or more serious actions taken, at the discretion of the group contact or the network staff. We are working on a system to allow prohibiting an account to take vhosts if they abuse the privilege.
  3. Banning a cloaked user is less typing than banning their cloak! Instead of /mode 2 +b *!*@inaffiliee/ellenor, try /mode 2 +b $a:ellenor (or if you want to ban $a:ellenor from entering 2 if she's not using SSL, which could mean an account hacked by a lazy hacker, /mode 2 +b $&:a:ellenor,~z) And it buys you time to use an extban, because until the idiot makes a new account, they're locked out tight.
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