Due to a recent incident that warrants a press release, Ellenor2000 has decided that from now on, Umbrellix will, from time to time, release prepared news articles detailing happenings in the Umbrellix organisation and beyond.

Release Date Name Summary
18 mars, 2022 May the people of Ukraine rise again! A well-wish to Ukrainians fighting the Russian special operation, whether they view their own state as legitimate or not.
29 mars, 2019 Debunking establishment health claims Calories in, calories out, salt's bad for you, we've heard it all. Let's get to brass tacks on health.
23 janvier, 2019 Regarding Umbrellix sponsorship of Hyphovy.Net We've terminated our sponsorship of Vibhore Changy's Hyphovy IRC network because he's just too easy to socially engineer, and gave his password out to script kiddies.
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