We'll do this table style because that works with my brain better.

Claim Reality
“Calories in, calories out.” Kind of. It's true but both incomplete and irrelevant. Your great grandma didn't count calories because she didn't eat high carbohydrate processed food. She processed her own meals in her own kitchen and generally there was not a lot of carb in that. Maybe 50 grams, or 10 grams if she was diagnosed diabetic by an old fashioned doctor. But your great grandma knew how to get fat, and she used that information to avoid getting fat.
“Eating too much salt raises your blood pressure.” There's so much wrong with this. First of all, blood pressure and insulin sensitivity are strongly invert correlated. Second, the body will become insulin resistant to attempt to retain sodium if you don't eat enough. Third, insulin tells the kidney to hold onto sodium, and increased insulin is secreted when you eat carbohydrate. This is why you sometimes see high blood sodium in high blood pressure. If you have high insulin and you eat a lot of salt, yes, you'll have high blood pressure. But the root cause isn't the salt. It's the insulin.
“Don't eat too much fat.” “Too much” depends on how much energy you need to intake. A human can function perfectly fine long term eating ONLY protein and fat. Within your energy expenditure, there is no limit to fat except allowing room for protein (which needs to be elevated in old age to prevent sarcopenia). On energy expenditure, being hyperinsulinemic can actually cause your calories-out (as a function of calories-in) to go down. Additionally, if you are losing weight and don't feel like shit, even if you aren't eating over minimum fat, you are, by definition, on an increased-fat diet, because you'll be burning your fat stores.
“Keto increases risk of heart disease.” What do you call a fasting glucose of 79¼ mg/dL, a rock bottom GGT, a 56 mg/dL HDL, and a 64.6 mg/dL Trig? The three latter figures point to a very LOW risk of cardiovascular disease, much more than LDL (which for me /is/ elevated because I eat a lot of animal fat) ever can.
“Low carb diets make you insulin resistant.” Again with the technically correct! This occurs because your body has to spare glucose for those tissues that cannot use ketones or free fatty acids.
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