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UNIX progressives - clarifying who they are, what they do, the positions they hold, why you should know about them, and whether they will impact you

Initially written starting 23:22 UTC on the 12th of October, 2022 a.d. by Amelia Bjornsdottir (she, they)

This article is meant to be a primer on the “UNIX progressive” movement. A sort of roadmap, so you can understand what I’ve been able to find.

It’s under construction, and will be revised several times. Expect it to be finalized in mid-2023, but to continue to be a living document even after then.

Before all else: who are they not?

“UNIX progressives” are not necessarily political progressives. They are generally publicly apolitical, the ones I have seen pictures of are mainly white western European, and they tend to use neutral neopronouns instead of singular they/them, if they use neutral gender pronouns for others at all (as J. de B.-P. does). J. de B.-P. appears to use xe/xem/xyr/xyrs/xyrself for everyone.