The Umbrellix Logo. Also a civil emblem of the Evdonia micronation. It's a transparent image with bottom-right corner stripes of red, grey white, celestial, and green.Umbrellix Umbrellix Software House


Here we propose various things, usually related to the Internet, UNIX or software in general.

Number Purpose Implications for the IETF
FS hier - Umbrellix RFC #1 Addressing our concerns related to Professor Bernstein’s proposal for /doc, /package and /command hierarchies, and counterproposing our own. None
MTEP - Umbrellix RFC #2 MAIL FROM: in email in the absence of source addressability - the necessity and unavailability of SPF, and exploring a possible solution Provisionally uses a site-local (X- prefix) ESMTP extension. The appropriate authority should consider assigning a permanent ESMTP extension name