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TarGit-Clone is a shell script that automates the TarGit hack used for Umbrellix software distributed through this website.


This project contains only one utility. Its name, currently, is targit-clone.




This is a script designed to implement the TarGit hack, described below, which we still use for source control on this website. It would be a cruel joke if you needed TarGit to get TarGit. If you want to get the source control repository of TarGit but you don’t have TarGit, you can download the bare git repository from this website as a zstd compressed tar archive. Create a directory ‘targit-clone.git’, then run ‘zstdcat targit-clone.tzst |tar -Ctargit-clone.git -xvvf -’, then ‘git clone targit-clone.git targit-clone’.

You can also run git clone to clone the repository over HTTPS dumb protocol.

If you don’t have zstandard installed correctly at your site, you should. It’s good. It’s the only good thing its creator ever did (which I’m not allowed to name because of the 3rd condition of the atypical 3-clause BSD licence). However, it does require GNU Make to compile. We’ll be working on that, and possibly releasing a package of zstandard that doesn’t require GNU Make.

You are licensed and permitted to redistribute TarGit-Clone under the terms of the Umbrellix Software Licence as may be propagated by Umbrellix from time to time. You may use TarGit-Clone without agreeing to this licence (link takes you to an external page) - in which case you may not use code snippets from it in your programs, nor pass the program onto a friend.


This package is under /pkg (and, for stable releases with a version number, host/ under /package, which we do not endorse). It does not install as a package - it must be installed manually. It’s “ready to run” out of the clone, however.