This is a page detailing interactions I and Reinhilde have had with racists and other abject intolerables. It's our belief at Umbrellix that sunlight's the best cure for diseases of the conscience.

Person Description Case file IRC networks involved Against policy? Location
Ruslan Nabioullin Rabid Russian-American adoptee racist, hides behind “transhumanism” and openly talks about “irradiating ni#&ers” (wow, that felt dirty to type) hitpieces:rrn Freenode but unpunished Concord/Milford (?), NH, US
UmbrellixIRC/AsterIRC banned, repeatedly evaded
Pr0Wolf29 Radicalised by Donald Trump's pseudopopulist rhetoric. hitpieces:pw29 Rizon it happened in PM unknown, and we don't particularly care
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