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 +=== ยต-opioid agonist psychological addiction ===
 +If they aren't too euphoric, then sure, they aren't as dangerous as alcohol. But the fact is, alcohol'​s increased short term danger is exactly what makes it safe enough that it can be bought without a prescription in most places. Alcohol will, for lack of a better description,​ destroy your body very quickly. Opioid use can be sustained theoretically forever with very few systemic side effects if doses are nonescalating. But when you're craving the "​who'​s the goodest lil pup" sort of high, what you do to get it won't just destroy the life you live, but potentially,​ the body you use to live your life, if that is the length you have to go to get loaded.
 +This is an unpopular opinion but the opioid isn't the problem. Opioids are nothing for your health if you use responsibly. The issue is, you can't really use responsibly if you get extreme euphoria from it as most people do. I discovered this with endogenous opioids and sexual masochism. After about 30 instances where I burned my genitalia on capsaicin, over about 120 days, my endorphin response is dulled and I think I've built up a tolerance. The pain lasts a lot longer than it used to. My other habit, caffeine, is still fed because that's not only legal but exogenous. Opioids aren't usually legal if they'​re exogenous (and poppy-seed tea is a grey area). So now I'm in a bit of a withdrawal syndrome. The doses the body makes to respond to the kind of pain I put myself in (capsaicin pain) aren't really enough to make "​kicking"​ (physical opioid withdrawal syndrome) a real issue, but ever since learning the mechanism of the capsaicin rush, I've started to engage in passive drug-seeking behaviours including watching videos like this and idly considering getting poppy seeds.
 +Not every alcoholic needs to abstain to be cured, and not every opioid addict in chronic pain needs to suffer their chronic pain to get their habit under control. Abstinence is just the most effective method of keeping addiction at bay until you can fix the causes.
 +=== caffeine tolerance ===
 +I'm habituated to caffeine. I could be considered an addict, but at this point, quitting is neither an option nor necessary.
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