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Statement regarding social media, some housekeeping, some fiction, and recognising a country

Datum Value
Release type Official statement from the Secretary-General
Writer Amelia Bjornsdottir (she, they)
Written beginning Mon Feb 12 05:38:10 UTC 2024 (W07/1)

Pursuant to the directives in the article declaring the first issue, that issues of this Gazette be declared every year, today I, Amelia Bjornsdottir, declare the third issue of the Evdonia Gazette.

This announcement also marks official recognition of the Kingdom of Turoga’s existence.

National symbols

We have a flag and a national emblem, still interim symbols.

Social media

We have an account on the Umbrellix Akkoma at which you can subscribe to using an RSS reader. Updates will be irregularly posted there.


Some of you may be aware of the fictional work we have been working on called Evdonia Paranormal Force. The connection to Evdonia itself is tenuous - the fictional work was written by the same person who happens to be the Secretary General. If you want, you can also address us as the Executive Minister for Culture of the Republic.

Kingdom of Turoga

We recognise the existence of the Kingdom of Turoga, which we believe is in the Great Plains, surrounded by the USA. The King has also intimated that he has recognized (see footnote 1) the Republic of Evdonia.

footnote 1: As they use American English, this is the correct spelling of «recognise» in this context.

Our constitution

Our constitution has still not yet been fully written; the provisional constitution which is still being written applies as published (and yes, that is also the amendment procedure for now).