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Unstructured gbpol rant

Initially started by Amelia Bjornsdottir (she, they) at 2023/02/01 11:58:42

extended version of the mastodon post I made:

ugh, leah rowe is a tory. I cannot understand how, in any year, you can be trans, and a conservative. It just does not exist. The ideals of the conservative party have always been structurally at odds with trans existences and have promoted suffering for a class which is overwhelmingly without.

and leah also does rail, rail, rail, about labour making things harder for small businesses, when it’s small businesses like theirs who are harmed most by conservative-unionist policies (probably because they are closest, of the bourgeoisie, to the proletariat)

from Leah’s email to their MP (mirrored locally in case they ever take it down):

“the social democrats that run the labour party would make life harder, especially for people like me who run businesses. Their philosophy is: this is how it’s going to be, because we say so.”

that has always been the philosophy of conservative-unionists. from day one. constructive unionism was about preventing Irish secession, which ultimately was not preventable. the modern Levelling Up funds are about preventing Scottish secession.