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NightmareMail - The Mail Exchanger for Falsix

MXF/NightmareMail is a fork of gh:notqmail/notqmail.


NightmareMail shall become a mailer daemon for the 21st century operating system integrator. It’s small, it’s light on system resources, and stable tags are backed by a USD50* security guarantee from ellenor at site if you can prove that the bug comes from NightmareMail or our upstream notqmail. Other than the amount and the provider, the terms of the guarantee are identical to the security guarantee that was provided with qmail. That means that bugs whose impact can be contained with ulimit will not get a reward, though they will be fixed.

Nightmare Mail is also known as MxF, as it’ll be included in New Vision, the working codename for the Falsix operating system, and is our default Mail eXchanger Service. (Mail eXchanger for Falsix)

Footnote *: Void where prohibited by law. Bitcoin is used as the payment method. If the value of 1/6 of my savings account is higher than USD50, you will receive the higher amount for successfully triggering a security guarantee payment. Local holes experienced by sealed servers will receive ½ the guaranteed amount. Shell server users are backed by the full guarantee. Only the first reporter of a specific bug may get the guaranteed amount.

We stand with George Guninski. He deserves his $500. So does Wietse. By rights, the bugs they both described should have been prevented, either by sane limits (which can be lifted by intrepid sysadmins; I suggest stopping at 128) or by strongly admonishing use of ulimits.



The libraries from notqmail have been separated into the package, and where redundant with skalibs, components of skalibs are used instead. TODO: actually implement this - currently skalibs is actively detrimental to compiling most of qmail.

You also need a POSIX-compliant Make and a C compiler.

To compile mxf-remote (currently experimental), you also need redo. If redo is not correctly installed at your site, we endorse Leah Neukirchen’s C implementation, at, which does not have a name under /pkg or /package.


It does not install there, but this package is host/ under /package, which we do not endorse because we think it is inflexible, and under /pkg (same page as the disendorse).


Want the source? It’s currently not stable tagged, so no fifty dollar bug bounty for you. git clone


Changes to notqmail that make notqmail NightmareMail are licenced to you, the user, as termed in doc/LICENCE.mxf. This is similar to the CDDL, except there is a resumptibility clause.

Notqmail itself appears to be available under the Unlicense.

qmail-isoc is licenced under a liberal licence. See THANKS.mxf.


Over and above notqmail? None yet.

We plan on adding, in the future: